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  • We are transport architects offering maritime logistics solutions. We match supply and demand of cargo and vessels and allocate the optimal mode of transport by leveraging our client and sector expertise as well as our extensive network of partners.
  • We support large and small multinational companies with specific transport needs and provide best-in-class services.
  • We take care of our clients’ valuable goods and vessels as if they were our own.
  • We are recognized for our ability to serve specific sectors and cover multiple territories where expertise, adaptability and tailor-made solutions are critical.
  • We add value for our clients by providing a reliable, efficient, personal and customized A-rated service.


  • We are committed to remaining independent and becoming the partner of choice for specialized* maritime transport worldwide.
  • We leverage our current client portfolio insights and our maritime transport knowledge to best address our clients’ transportation challenges.
  • We achieve this by building upon strong partnerships, acting as a team striving for excellence, and applying our core values to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

* By specialized we mean non-standard and non-volume driven cargo, niche cargo as well as special routes and destinations where knowledge and expertise are critical.

HAV Snapper

FLAG: Bahamas
DWT: 3014
CBFT: 139729
BUILT: 1991

MV Marcel

FLAG: Belgium
DWT: 3500
CBFT: 163000
BUILT: 1993

MV Maremka

FLAG: Belgium
DWT: 2350
CBFT: 123091
BUILT: 1996

MV Marie

FLAG: Belgium
DWT: 2850
CBFT: 144000
BUILT: 2002

MV Marley

FLAG: Belgium
DWT: 2850
CBFT: 144000
BUILT: 1995

MV Pinta

FLAG: Gibraltar
DWT: 2650
CBFT: 141000
BUILT: 1993